• Patient Based Healthcare

    The Patient and Caregiver own and manage their own healthcare
    information and actively engage in their wellness process

    Patient Based Healthcare
  • Ongoing Wellness Management

    Manage your wellness to keep yourself informed, connected and fit

    Ongoing Wellness Management
  • Post Diagnosis and Condition Management

    You don't need to feel alone and isolated with a community
    of people just like you helping you on the way.

    Post Diagnosis and Condition Management
  • Medical Procedure Management

    Learn about procedures from those that have come before you
    while empowering you to share your own experiences.

    Medical Procedure Management
  • No More Information Silos

    Combine your medical information from all the doctors
    and practices that you connect with in one, central place.

    No More Information Silos
  • Patient and Caregiver Communities

    A community driven approach to sharing information about
    your symptoms, struggles, treatment options and more

    Patient and Caregiver Communities

Welcome to the Patient End

The Patient End is an automated assistant for managing your wellness and for patients and caregivers who have been diagnosed with a condition or disease such as Multiple Myeloma or who are undergoing an extended medical procedure such as a Stem Cell Transplant.

For Doctors
For Patients

About What We Are

While hospitals and doctors can provide much useful information about conditions, diseases and procedures, they can't supply the important, experience based knowledge that can only be learned at 'the other end of the needle'; the Patient End. Nothing can replace the value of the knowledge gained by the patient and caregiver teams who have actually lived through what it is like to undergo the process first hand.

The Patient End application also empowers the patient and caregiver to manage and track their own medical information and become an active participant in the healthcare process.

The Patient End has been designed and constructed based on the hard won experience from patients and caregivers in order to provide the information, support, tools and facilities which will actually be needed by the patient and caregiver, and which are commonly not provided by the hospital or anyone else.

The Patient End is not meant to provide medical information, diagnosis or treatment options.


  • Allows medical staff to remotely manage chronic patients.
  • One place to go for logging meds, symptoms, side effects, etc.
  • Comfort of knowing what to expect
  • Safe and Secure - Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Access patient experiences and community information
  • Ability to take active control of my own heath care information
  • Easy to Use! Access via your phone, tablet, laptop or online.


  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking symptoms
  • Tracking meds
  • Communication
  • Graphs and displays
  • Support

Community Driven

Patients and caregivers can contribute and participate in the community by answering questions and providing their own experiences. Essentially we're giving the power to pay it forward for those that enter medical care.